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Jessica Ashley, Divorce Coach

A MOM'S best girlfriend in divorce


Considering divorce? In the middle of a divorce? Or struggling long after the ink has dried on the paperwork?

You are exhausted, don't know what to do next, who to ask or where to turn.

You've maxed out friends and family. 

You've put your kids first for so long, you have forgotten how to love on yourself, tend to your health and consider your own needs.

Your brain is on hyper-speed or you're coping with booze and Netflix binges. You yell too much and are now rant-texting like a Real Housewife.

You're frantic you'll never see your kids on holidays again, that you might have to move out of your home or create a Tinder profile.

You want to save on exorbitant attorney's fees. You want to nurture your children through this transition but don't know where to start.

And you desperately want to stop pretending your life is all magic and unicorns, stop blaming every little thing on the other parent, stop crying all the damn time.

You want to find your way out of the chaos, stress and overwhelm.

I can help. I'm here to guide you to and through divorce to the BIGGER, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE you deserve.



WHO do you need on your side right now? 

I'm your coach. I've also been a divorced mom for a decade.

I am your lady. My roadmap to, through and beyond divorce was created just for you, and was built on 20 years of professional experience empowering women. I also have something most divorce pros don't–I've been right where you are. I get it, deeply. As your coach, I'll give you girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice (yes, that may include cussing), help you get organized, deflect stress, build new rituals and routines with kids and (get ready) save money on attorney fees.

WHAT is a certified divorce coach?

Fierce advocate.  Compassionate listener. Dedicated only to you.

Right now, you're making weighty decisions that will impact the lives of the little people who mean the most to you–all while losing sleep, drinking too much and rage-texting behind the wheel. I'm here to help you to get back to your brightest self, to be clear-minded and confident. It's my job to make sure that you are not just practicing self-care, but that you are falling in love with the new life and opportunities you have to,  through and well beyond divorce.

WHY do you need a best girlfriend in divorce? 

Because you will wear out your family and friends.

You've already noticed that people go silent when you launch into divorce details (again) and that that they dodge your texts, change the subject and give you really bad advice based on gossip about how their co-worker's daughter divorce went. You may have lost your confidants or don't identify with your lady-friends anymore.  And if you have a strong support team, you need someone outside your circle to give both clear perspective and professional guidance.



Women who are leading bigger, happier, healthier lives.

When my marriage was ending, Jessica is one of the first people I reached out to for advice and support. Going through a divorce is such an isolating time — you feel so many emotions, you don’t want to burden your friends and family with your problems, you worry about your immediate and extended family. But at the same time, at least for me, starting my new life as (and still is) a happy, joyous time. That’s hard for people not going through it to understand. Women like Jessica made it possible for me to come through with my head and heart relatively unscathed.
— Stefania Pomponi
Coaching with Jessica continues to be an enlightening and empowering shift in perception. She is able to highlight my accomplishments and help me see my strengths. I feel heard, validated and motivated to take action. Our conversations stay with me and I hear her supportive words when times get tough.
From my very first session with Jessica, I trusted her intuition and grace. She has the ability to put your mind at ease, and really tune in to what you are saying. Jessica is an outstanding, intelligent and experienced coach. If you are in the divorce process, I highly recommend you work with Jessica.


3 levels of coaching created just for you.


HOW I help divorcing moms

  • Outside-the-box decision making

  • Rituals and routines designed just for you and your kids

  • Organizing the endless paperwork

  • Savvy questions to ask your attorney 

  • Editorial review of important emails and texts to the ex

  • In-person or virtual support for court and mediation

  • Mom-to-mom insights on parenting agreements

  • Communication strategies for difficult people

  • Creative thought exercises, art and writing meditations

  • Simple ways to practice self-love

  • Dating and relationship guidance 

WHAT my clients gain from coaching

  • Save money on exorbitant attorney's fees

  • Streamline the divorce process
  • Connect to a network of vetted professionals
  • Introduce small, impactful practices of self-care
  • Re-vision life after divorce with steps to get there
  • Build calm, clear, confident communication
  • Deflect stress, sleep better and feel energized
  • Connect with other divorcing moms who get it
  • Learn to reframe maddening situations
  • Return focus to their needs, desires and big dreams
  • Stand in their own power and reclaim control

Divorce coaching SERVICES

You are ready. You are worth it.



30-minute session

Things are complicated right now, so let's keep this simple: You tell me what's going on and what you're seeking. I tell you how we can work together. Then we decide if we are a good fit. Simple, no-pressure, confidential conversation. Schedule a call today.

coaching package - 3 month.jpg


3-month comprehensive coaching

If you've considered leaving, feel stuck or in conflict in your relationship, are considering filing or are early in the process, this intensive will guide you in making the very best decisions for you and your children.  Up to 12 confidential, conversational one-on-one sessions. Outside-the-box problem solving, strategy sessions, easy-to-implement task lists, plus professional editorial review of your texts, email and documents. Thoughtful questions, deep listening and compassionate support.  Does this sound like exactly what you need? Say yes here.

coaching package - 6 months.jpg


6-month all-inclusive coaching

Up to 24 confidential, conversational one-on-one sessions customized to your goals. Strategy sessions that include clear and simple takeaways in one concise Power List, outside-the-box problem solving and professional editorial review of texts, email and documents. Thoughtful questions, deep listening and compassionate support. Text check-ins (I give great GIF). Full access to my professional referral network of top-tier attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, home organizers and stylists, personal chefs and trainers. Plus, I'll give you access to my month-long creative challenge, full of storytelling, art and thought exercises to center, calm and inspire moms during divorce.  Contact your divorce coach here. 

coaching package - court support.jpg


On-call day rate

In-person, phone or FaceTime one-on-one coaching for mediation and family court sessions. Jessica will provide pre-session organization, guidance and calming coaching, be available for breaks and mid-session consultation, and present a final mini-session to review, reframe and walk away feeling empowered, centered and with a plan to move forward. Schedule your court support.



Contact me directly today to schedule a complimentary call.

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